Daniel McFarlane

I offer tuition in piano, theory and composition at my private studio in Wavell Heights, Qld. This air-conditioned, purpose-built space features a Yamaha grand piano, waiting room and an extensive array of musical technology. My teaching hours are:

  • 3pm to 8:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • 12pm to 4pm Saturday
  • during school hours Monday to Friday

Mission Statement

The over-riding goal of my tuition is to create a meaningful and rewarding connection between a student and the music that they play. Great emphasis is placed on providing skills that will stay with the student and benefit them long after formal lessons have ended. Whilst exams and other formal means of grading students are important, I recognise that not all students respond to a purely traditional approach and lessons are tailored to individual tastes and goals. I personally enjoy composing, performing and teaching a wide range of musical styles and genres and I feel equally at home in the “classical” and “contemporary” music worlds. Many of my students have gone on to pursue careers in music in teaching, composing and performing but, more importantly, I am still in touch with many former students and they still love playing the piano!

The serious stuff

If you are serious about pursuing a career in music or you would like to progress through the examination levels we’ve got you covered. Here are some highlights:

– I’ve prepared hundreds of students for practical and theoretical exams and they all do very well! I’ve successfully prepared over a dozen students for Associate and Licentiate diploma exams. As of 2022, I exclusively use the St Cecilia examining board as I feel that their exam offering is the best fit for the majority of students in my studio. If you’d like to know more about these exams, click on the link above or contact me to discuss your options.

– My students compete in many local eisteddfods and we’ve won prizes, bursaries and overall championships in all of them.

– My students have successfully auditioned for places in classical performance, jazz performance and composition at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the University of Queensland and QUT.

– Many students have taken Music Extension as a Senior subject and we have an “A” average. In 2021 one of my students topped the state for this subject.

– I’ve guest lectured for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, presented at the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference and conducted workshops for the Music Teaching Associations of Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia. I’ve adjudicated competitions in Queensland, Tasmania and Western Australia and examined in Queensland, New South Wales and Tasmania.

The fun stuff

I want all my students to enjoy their time at the piano. I go to great lengths to ensure that the music we learn is engaging and vibrant. I compose a lot of music and you will be learning pieces that are learned and performed by students all around the world! The publishing company that I run, Supersonics Piano, is internationally renowned and respected. Take a quick detour over there to listen to my pieces.


Each year students participate in an end of year Gala Concert and throughout the year concerts are held at my studio (these are informal and very friendly and supportive in nature).

Rates for 2024 are:

30 mins: $45

(45 & 60 min lessons are also available)

My rates are inclusive of all materials required (except exam fees)

Tuition Policy

The tuition policy for 2024 can be viewed here: Tuition Policy

Yep, let’s go!

If you’d like to book in for a trial lesson or if you need some more information please contact me. Please note that my waiting list can be quite long for certain days/times. I do plan quite far in advance though so please contact me as soon as possible if you are planning to book in for lessons (my waiting list for 2024 started in March, 2023).